Fiction design approach in collaboration with school children


One Alien and many School Children Driving the Design of 3D Tutors (Paper)



We describe the fiction design approach we are using in collaboration with school children and teachers in order to guide the production of a 3D tutor.

We introduce the actors and procedure we are following with particular emphasis on the activities devised to engage children in the various stages of design and produce the necessary output for each of the facets of the 3D tutor.

Our assumption is that making learning more fun will increase the overall children’s engagement and motivation towards it.

Thus, we are proposing to design a 3D tutor able to cater for individual learning styles as much as being fun to work with. Somebody that will make children feel comfortable while understanding and caring for their emotions.

This ongoing experience with collaborative fiction design is providing us with directions towards the first prototype of our 3D tutor.

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